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Houstons Traditional Kiltmakers

Houston Kiltmakers is a third generation family run buisness with over 90 years experiance as gentlemen outfitters, highlandwear and tartan specialists. At Houstons we believe a kilt is for life and we make them to last that long, every kilt is hand made and tailored specifically for you by craftmen and women. Our kilts are also cut to allow for growth and our own range can be teflon coated, which makes them stain resistant.

Houstons is the only place that you are able to view over 6000 examples of tartans and have them made into a kilt. We can also do special weave tartans, if there is a stitch count on record then we can do it.

The American National Tartan was first created in 2004 and a specialy made kilt from Houstons was presented to the American consulate at Edinburgh and then deliversed to George W Bush, commemorating the American National Tartan day (April 6th)

Kenneth MacDonald-Mr Houstons grandson

If you would like to see all the products available at Houstons and be able to search for a certain tartan on our comprhensive database please visit our site www.kiltmakers.com We also hire outfits at www.kiltsforhire.com where you can choose from over 100 tartans.

Kennith MacDonald
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